Hakan Peker was a Guest on Michael Kuyucu


Hakan Peker who was a guest on ‘Michael Kuyucu ile Müziğin Kilometre Taşları’(Milestones of the Music with Michael Kuyucu) programme told about his whole music career. Peker said that he did not present only in digital platform of his new song ‘mütemadiyen’ he also released it as a CD even if it is a single song. Hakan Peker said “we released it as a CD, even if it is sold or not. We stamped a thousand and we entered the most selling. But we see that the rate in Turkey falled from millions to thousands.”

He will say Hello to Cinema Industry
Hakan Peker said that he will prepare a production for a new artist in autumn, he added that he will do music as a hobby anymore. Hakan Peker noted down that he wants to do a cinema project this year and he will take part in this project as both producer and performer. Peker stated to Michael Kuyucu that he is working on a movie with his co-producer which surprise names will take place.