Simge On Michael’s Radio Program

fotoSimge who has released “Bip Bip” titled single was on the radio program of Michael Kuyucu. The young and beautiful pop singer expressed her new songs history and her musical challenges. Simge, told to Michael Kuyucu, that she thinks Serdar Ortaç is a big math teacher. She expressed that the days when she was in the back vocal of popular Turkish music singer Serdar Ortaç, she found big chance to examine his concerts. Simge told that she had asked Serdar how he achieve to be so popular in the concert stage, and Serdar replied her by saying “In Turkey if you want to be successful in the concert stage you will either make the audience cry or dance..” Simge told that she learned many things from Serdar Ortaç’s concerts when she was the back vocal of him, things that no school can teach to her.