A Reward to Michael Show From R.T.G.D

Radio- Television, Journalists Association’s (R.T.G.D) 2005 radio oscars was announced. In the explanation of the chairman of RTGD Kenan Macit made, it was indicated that owner of this year’s rewards were identified as a result of a rigorous elimination.
Among the special rewards which were given to important radios and their programmes of Turkish radio world, ‘MICHAEL SHOW’s’ in Radio D got the ‘Noontide Radio Programme of the Year’ reward. While Michael Show which broadcasted between 2pm and 4 pm on weekday and one of the most assertive radio programme of Turkey was adding a new reward to its awards, it proved once more that Michael Show is the most assertive radio and music brand of Turkey. While we share our success with music public opinion as Michael Show which is the most recumbent radio programme among radios, we also thankful to all music lovers.