An Eurovision Explanation from Sibel Tüzün to Michael Kuyucu

Sibel Tüzün who represented Turkey in Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 with her ‘Superstar’ song was a guest for Michael Kuyucu’s ‘Müziğin Kilometre Taşları (Milestones of the Music)’ Programme which he prepared and presented in RS FM (Voice of Russia-Rusya’nın Sesi). In a programme which Sibel Tüzün made an explanation about her music career, she spoke about Eurovision Song Contest after a long time. While Sibel Tüzün was avoiding to answer the questions about Eurovision until today, she gave an interesting details about the contest to Michael Kuyucu. Sibel Tüzün said that she did not want to attend the contest and she was regret after she had attended. She added that it is certainly need to attend the Eurovision Song Contest with an English song.
Sibel Tüzün also said to Michael Kuyucu that she wanted to vocalized her ‘Superstar’ song in English but TRT definetly stand firm. Tüzün also criticised to Turkey for not to be added to Eurovision Song Contest for two years.
I Did Not Want to Attend to the Contest!
Sibel Tüzün said to Michael Kuyucu that when she received an offer for Eurovision Song Contest she did not want to attend.
Sibel Tüzün told her story about attending to contest like this: “They called me from TRT and they said “we wanted to see you in Eurovision Song Contest”. I did not approve at first. They said we wanted to make a meeting. Next day, we made a meeting in 8.30 am. I did not want at first. I have never enjoyed to be in obtrusive works all my life. You attract a great deal of attention in Eurovision. I am so emotional and everything leave a trace on me. While I was thinking of to make my music, life brought me here. I was convinced at the end and I attended.”

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I Was Regret to Attend to Eurovision
Sibel Tüzün said “I prepared my song in English, because I wanted to vocalised it in English. When TRT insisted on, I made it Turkish. When Michael Kuyucu asked her “did you regret to attend to contest?” she answered it transparently:
“I was regret because I said myself why did not I listen to my own voice. It has been 9 years, I remember it as if it happened only yesterday. I have never forgetten the moment that I was on the stage. To see that Turkish flags is a different feeling. I remember that my heart thumped violenlty. To see how a stage production made in real terms and being between many country took my breathe away and changed my music line.”

I Definetly Wanted to Vocalise the Song in English
Sibel Tüzün said that she really wanted to vocalised her song in English and she scrambled a lot for this. Sibel Tüzün “I wanted to vocalised song in English. There were many arguments to sing in English. I did not know how the result would be if we had sang in English, but I know that we sang in English the song, until the last rehearsal. Until the last rehearsal we were in top 5 in international surveys. When we sang it in Turkish, the song down.”
Turkey Should Attend to the Contest
Sibel Tüzün said to Michael Kuyucu that Turkey should attend to Eurovision Song Contest and Turkey should compete with an English song. Sibel Tüzün: “I definitely recommend to vocalise our song in English. If the song has not got any ethnic feature, it should vocalise in English. Because, your words need to be understood by maximum people. You have only three minutes in Eurovision. You should tell your matter in three minutes. The world speaks English.” Sibel Tüzün who added she does not understand why TRT does not want to attend the contest also said to Michael Kuyucu: “I can not believe that we do not attend to Eurovision. It is the biggest festival, and the biggest television show in the world. When we look at the real meaning of the contest, we need to decide again. We should not do any evaluation according to rumors.”