Asu Maralman On Michael Kuyucu’s Show

Asu Maralman Metin içi foto

Asu Maralman who was one of the most popular performers of 70s and 80s with her classics called as “ Yollar” “Kandıramazsın” “Bal Gibi Olur” “Sabah Ola Hayrola” was the quest of the Michael’s music Show “Müziğin K.M. Taşları”

Asu Maralman expressed the most important days of her music carrier. Her popular song called as “Bal Gibi Olur” was used in the cinema film called as “Bal Gibi Olur”, she also said to Michael Kuyucu, that she was not happy to hear her song in that cinema film’s soundtrack, she also said that sge reproached to the fim producers because they didnt remember her on that film and used her song with out informing her.