Associate Prof. Michalis (Michael) Kuyucu

Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu, a Turkish academician and media professional of Greek origin, has completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University Department of English Language and Literature, post graduate at Yeditepe University Department of Marketing, and received MBA degree and doctorate at Marmara University Faculty of Communication Sciences Department of Media Economy and Management. An associate professor at the field of communication applications, Kuyucu is working as an executive and radio & TV host in the media industry since 1994. Working as an academic member of Istanbul Aydın University for fifteen years since its foundation, Michael Kuyucu worked as an executive and radio host in radio stations such as Alem FM – Radyo D – Süper FM – Metro FM – Radyo Klas – Radyo Mega – Number One Türk – TRT Radios – Best FM – RS FM and CRI TÜRK. Kuyucu began his television career at Eko TV and worked as a TV programmer at TV stations such as TRT – Number One TV – Uçan Kuş TV.


Kuyucu worked as senior executive at Alem FM Group – Doğan Media Group – Dogus Group – Canwest Media – Number One Media Group – Best Media – CRI TÜRK (China Media Group) as well as working as a Radio and TV host.

He wrote articles on media and music in Our Future, Andante and 45’lik magazines as well as in newspapers such as Hürriyet – BirGün – Kral Magazine – Yurt – Yeni Yüzyıl.

One of the first media professionals ever to invest in new media in Turkey, Michael Kuyucu has a music news portal at which began publishing content in February 2000 and still continues as the oldest and most up-to-date music portal in Turkey. Assuming the position of consultant in establishing Avea Müzik Digital Music platform, Kuyucu also owns a digital music platform named Akustik FM.


Michael Kuyucu also worked in music business, and took piano – solfege and harmony courses from significant musicians such as Melih Kibar – Timur Selçuk – Aslıgül Ayas and Lidya Yıldız, and completed his music training with harmony courses for conductorship in the Orchestration class of Timur Selçuk. Michael Kuyucu began his music career at a very young and is also a songwriter and composer. His first song “Yaşamam” was included in Attila Atasoy’s record in 1994. Since then, Kuyucu worked with singers such as Emre Altuğ – Ziynet Sali – Sinan Özen – Sibel Tüzün, and he has n more than forty songs published in Turkish and Greek. Kuyucu wrote Greek lyrics to the Greek version of the song named “Süperstar”, which represented Turkey in Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, going down history as the songwriter who wrote Greek lyrics to Turkey’s song representing it in Eurovision Song Contest.

Michael Kuyucu prepared three separate shows in TRT Radio 1, TRT FM and TRT Radio 3 in 2016, becoming the first external producer and host who prepared shows and hosted them in three radio stations of TRT radios.

Michael Kuyucu wrote 13 books until today, and he has books such as “Türkiye’nin Eurovision Serüveni” (Turkey’s Eurovision Adventure) and “Türkiye’de Medya Ekonomisi 1980-2012” (Media Economy in Turkey 1920-2012) which sold in significant numbers, as well as boks such as “Pop İnfilakı” (Pop Explosion), “The Media Industry” and “Television Studies: The Pop Idol & The Uprising of Audience” which were used as reference books at faculties of communication and conservatories.


Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu had articles published in 45 international and 7 national peer-reviewed journals since the first half of 2018, as well as full text proceedings on proceedings books of 52 conferences in Turkey and abroad. He wrote chapter of 5 international and 9 national books and his publications received 91 references. A member of research and academic board of Greece’s most important academic research center ATINER (Athens Institute For Education and Research), Kuyucu has 12 of articles published in books as chapters and has been referred in more than 40 national and international publications. Working and lecturing in the fields of Radio & TV Programming, Media Management, Media Economy, Music Industry, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing, Michael Kuyucu is the CEO of CRI TÜRK Media Group at the time. Making programs in TRT FM and CRI TÜRK FM, Kuyucu is also a columnist for YeniBirlik newspaper, art & music nostalgia magazine 45’lik and music and culture magazine Andante.


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