Everything Can Happen at Any Time (2004)

God created human and humans created the media. Now, the media created them again. The music world which lose its value day by day and everything can happen at any time with its everything, Popstar, Etiler, Eurovision, nostalgia.

Vanishing off the face of the earth of fund, dividend tastes, malinvestments occurrences which have happened in the music industry which has come to stopping point with the negative economic conditions which has happened countrywide. In this book which comments that has lied snug in stars’ inner worlds who we listen on televisions and radios, music gossips and the hard chaoses which a can of worms of music industry were processed, the truths and the realities are crashing. The answer of the quesiton which ‘Why we can’t enter the European Community?’ take place in this book with a different aspect. We can not enter the European Community, because…

Unfortunately, this media and music industry can not apply what has been written in the books.