Pop Explosion (2005)

It is a spectacular criticism to pop culture which has retrograded in Turkey!

Especially during 2000’s, there were three stars in square meter in Turkey but Michael Kuyucu wrote about the people who perform big services to pop music. Also, education lost its value day by day in a period which music love turned into fame love. This situation came to a miserable state.

Informations which everybody have to know in millenium Turkey which everybody is songwriter, composer and make record was gathered in this book.

It is also possible to find clues for being successful in music in this book which the criterions of being successful, what happened in the music world in 2000’s from music listeners and producers and documents which remained hidden were given.

Pop explosion was prepared as ‘Millennium Research of Turkish Pop Music’ which will help everybody who are related with music in some situations, a friend, a lesson book.