New Communication Technologies and The New Media (2013 – Zinde Publishing)

The latest knowledges which happen in the new media and technology world were gathered in this book. ‘New communication Technologies and The New Media’ book which assistant professor doctor Michael Kuyucu and Tüba Karahisar wrote and including current research for employee of communication sector and students who study at communication faculties testify the meeting of the media with technology.

This book which contains researchs about the subject that the advantages which social media enables for daily life, Youtube which named as rising generation television broadcasting, digital radio broadcasting, using of social media to employ, social media with health facilities. Also, it contains the latest research and knowledges about social media and new media which has been made until today.

This book which writer of these boks: ‘Eurovision Adventure of Turkey’, ‘Media Economy in Turkey’, ‘İlhan İrem with his Life and Works in Like an Exile Stories’ assistant professor doctor Michael Kuyucu and assistant professor doctor Tüba Karahisar wrote is candidate for the young communicators and who wants to meet with the unlimited world of the new media.