Burhan Şeşen was a guest on Michael Kuyucu

Gökhan Şeşen told about the career and project’s of Group Gündoğarken to Michael Kuyucu. Şeşen was a guest on ‘Müziğin K.M. Taşları’ (The Milestones of the Music) programe, he said that the music story of the Group Gündoğarken started in 1970’s and it professionalized in Levent Kırca theater. The Group Gündoğarken made a single duet with Yeşim Salkım in 2014, they added that the folk song which is named as ‘Şekeroğlan’ will be together with other projects.


Şeşen said that the Group Gündoğarken will continue its music career with Burhan and Gökhan Şeşen brothers and uncle İlhan Şeşen will not take part in the Group Gündoğarken.