Business and Society in a Global Economy Conference

Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu attended to the 8th Business and Society in a Global Economy Conference in Greece.


Michael Kuyucu who published a notice about the Football Industry and World Football Championship’s economic structure which arranged in Brasil in 2014 in a conference which arranged in 18 – 21 December, 2014 by Atiner said that football has more important role in a global economy every passing day. Michael Kuyucu who researched the incomes and outgoes of the 2014 World Cup which made in Brasil, the effects on the participants countries’ economies and the effect of the football on other industries said that the global economy which World Cup has created has a continuous growth from 1980 to today. In his report, Michael Kuyucu discussed in detail the effects of the 2014 World Cup on football players, football coaches, arbitrators, television establishments which broadcasted the matches, stadium building, football association of the participant countries and their stock markets.