Erdem Kınay & Merve Özbey were guests on Michael Kuyucu

ERDEM KINAY who started as a composer and arranger gathered speed in his music career with his ‘Project 2’ album which he presented in music markets short while ago, and Merve Özbey who took place in this album as a soloist were guests on ‘Starzone’ programme which is broadcasted in Number One Turk TV and Michael Kuyucu presents.
Erdem Kınay who said he was worry while he was preparing this album, expressed that he is more motivated after his album was published. He said that he decided to continue his music career with these projects.
Kınay said that he was so excited while he was bringing his ‘Alkışlar’ (Claps) song to Sibel Can and he added that he admired to Sibel Can while she was reading this song.
Erdem Kınay answered Michael Kuyucu’s question which was “which expositor would you like to work for your third project from the world?” as a Beyonce.
Kınay who said that they work for Merve Özbey’s album recently indicated that Merve is a very well soloist and she will show herself in slow songs. He added that her album will be published in spring via his music production company.