GBTIMES Türkiye – Attended to China Business Conference.

GBTIMES Türkiye attended to ‘2014 Turk – China Business Conference’ which was arranged on the 23rd of December,  2014 in Antalya Ramada Plaza Hotel. GBTIMES Turkey General Director Assistant Professor Doctor Michael Kuyucu who attended to the conference told about the activities and the media investments of GBTIMES Turkey to Chinese businessmen who have an investment in Turkey. Michael Kuyucu also said that the convergence between Turkey and China is also reflected on commercial and cultural areas and this convergence between Turkey and China has been supported with the Radio – TV – New Media investements that they made as GBTIMES Turkey on its media base.


GBTIMES Turkey mentioned about how Turkey and China media investments happened, how will mobile media investments besides radio and Tv contents contribute to Chinese businessmen in a conference. In this presentation, GBTIMES Turkey called for collaboration to Chinese businessmen who have investments in Turkey.

2014 Plenary Meeting of Chinese Businessmen Association [(Çinli İş Adamları Derneği) (ÇİD)] was made in Antalya.
Besides Yu Hongyang who is an Ankara Ambassador of China, Zhu Guangyao who is a Counselor of Economy and Trade and Arda Ermut who is a vice president of Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Investment Support Agency, with the agents of more than 30 Chinese companies which are active in Turkey and Turk businessmen attended to the meeting.


Yu Hongyang who is an Ankara Ambassador of China thanked to Chinese Businessmen Association (ÇİD) for its contributions which made for economic and commercial developments between China and Turkey for 4 years, in his speech.
Ambassador who is a pointer that there is an enough progress in bilateral relations with China business’ common effort mentioned that the economic and commercial relations between these two countries has reached to historic record.
Ambassador Yu recorded that Turkey who fast growing aims to be an effective contry in this area and this is an important chance for China business in Turkey. Yu standed out that they want to be propellant powers that will improve bilateral relations with the offer of China Government’s Silk Road Economic Zone construction and in the direction of the aim to build a free trade area, by taking China business steps actively.
Michael Kuyucu who is a general director of GBTIMES Turkey made a presentation about the media collaboration, commercial and cultural intimacy betwen Turkey and China in a meeting which also GBTIMES Turkey attended.