Gece Yolcuları was a Guest on Michael Kuyucu

The group of GECE YOLCULARI who succeeded to be in the lists for a long time with their ‘Meyhaneler Sen’ (Pubs are like you) video clip was a guest on ‘Starzone’ programme which Michael Kuyucu prepares and presents in Number One TV.

The group members indicated that they were so happy to see their ‘Neden’ (Why) named first clip was on the agenda for eight months, they also expressed that their third video clip will be ‘Affedecek Misin’ (Will you forgive?) or ‘Zaman Geçse De’(Even time passes).
GECE YOLCULARI said that they took place in ‘Ahmet Kaya Proje’ album which published short while ago and they are so happy to take place in this album. The group members also indicated that they use social media actively and they take place in social media with their names.
Kuyucu asked to Gece Yolcuları that “How did you write?”  “‘Meyhaneler Sen’ (Pubs are like you) song?” and the group member answered that: “One day Ediz went to outside to buy some foods, when he came back, he heard that Uğur played guitar, we understood that this song will be a hit at the moment”.

That programme was broadcasted both in Number One Turk Fm and Number One Turk Tv.