In Atatürk Anatolian Vocational High School

Michael Kuyucu told about the importance of public relations to Atatürk Anatolian Vocational High School students who are in ‘Public Relations and Organization Services Department’. Michael Kuyucu who kept together with the students for their graduation projects told about that public relation is a very important factor in competition.


Michael Kuyucu made a meeting with students for almost an hour. He highlighted that competition is a very important factor in liberal economies. Kuyucu said to be succeed in competition, the product is not sufficient by itself, to be introduced is very important. Public relations play a vital role to introduce the product and services. Kuyucu also added that advertisement and promotion need huge budgets, but with public relations, the smart opinions will be more productive.


He emphasized that notion of public relation needs to be taught not only at respective department in universities but also in faculty of management even in head of health, conservatoire and other departments.