İsmail YK Participated to TV Show of Michael Kuyucu

İSMAİL YK who is one of the most popular stars of the music world was a guest on ‘Müzik Kuşu’ programme with Michael Kuyucu that is broadcasted on UÇAN KUŞ TV with his ‘Kıyamet’ (Doomsday) album. Before the programme started, İsmal YK fans had fell into line in front of the television channel’s door. İsmail YK made a sincere and special interview with Michael Kuyucu. A programme which İsmail YK was a guest entered to trend topic list with thousands of messages that came from Twitter.


İsmail YK who said that he had thought to released a single before he released his new album but he gave up at the last moment and he prepared an album that has many songs, made a reference as saying “albums still sell” to people who say albums do not sell anymore.