Michael Kuyucu Attended the Programme of Media Media

Michael Kuyucu attended the ‘Media Media’ programme which is broadcasted live in TRT National television. The subject of the programme on 5th of July was ‘Radio and Radio Programmers in Turkey’.
Arzu Çağlan who is the successful programmer of Best Fm, İzzet Öz who is the experienced radio and television programmers and Michael Kuyucu attended to the programme.
In the programme which the talkings about the progress and developings of the radio world in Turkey made, Michael Kuyucu said that radio channel popularity is increasing day by day in contrast to decreasing of the economic value of the radio channel.
In the programme which İzzet Öz told about his old experiences, he gave a private message with saying ‘I love who loves radio’. Arzu Çağlayan said that the whole world follow the radio anymore thanks to developing internet technology and she emphasised this is a very positive developing for radio channels.