Michael Kuyucu Attended to ICMHR Conference

Michael Kuyucu attended to International Conference Management, Economics, Business and Social Sciences and Humanities Research (ICMHR) conference which was arranged on 15 – 16th of January, 2015 in Istanbul. Michael Kuyucu who published his notice the ‘Effects of Media in the Music Listening Habits of the University Students in Turkey’ (Medyanın Türkiye’deki Üniversite Öğrencilerinin Müzik Dinleme Alışkanlıklarına Etkisi)  told about the historical effetcs of the media on music listening.

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Michael Kuyucu said that the effects of the media started with newspaper and magazines and it continued with radio. Kuyucu also added that music visualizated with the invention of television and starting the broadcast life of MTV music television in 1980’s.
Kuyucu who said the new media which spreading in 2000’s digitalized the music by took out it from pyhsical media said that the 43,9% of university students listen to the music from the internet.
In his report, music is listened from the internet with the 43,9% rate and 25,8% from smart phones and mobile platforms. In the report, the most preferred official digital music platform is TTNET with 29,3%. ITUNES follows it with 20,7% rate.

According to research datas which takes place in Michael Kuyucu’s report who says cassette and records are nostalgic tools anymore, 47,1% of university students listen to music from CD, 36,4% listen from MP3. The cassette’s rate which is not produced anymore is 7,1%.  The least use tool which university students use is walkman has 0,7% rate.
In the report which was published in ICMHR, while 55% of the university students are learning the developments about the music world from the internet, 27,1 % of them learn this from social media platforms, and 9,3% of them learn this from music televisions.
University students think that the media effects the music consumption. The 89,4% of the students who attended to this research think that the media has direct effect on the music listening habits.


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