Michael Kuyucu attended to Musicult 15

Michael Kuyucu attended to ‘Musicult 15’ conference which was arranged in İTU Conservatory on the 7th – 8th May of 2015. Kuyucu who has continued to his academic works with his researches about music industry, presented his ‘INSTA-MARKETING: USE OF INSTAGRAM IN TURKISH MUSIC INDUSTRY’ notice in a conference. Michael Kuyucu who examined the Instagram accounts of 40 music expositors who have the most broadcasted songs during January 2015 in the radios in Turkey, in his research, he also reconnoitred about how the Popular Turkish Song expositors and groups introduce themselves and their musics on Instagram.


Kuyucu who said the social media is a very important factor in marketing of music products, remarked that the music expositors try to marketing themselves in two different ways on Instagram.

In his notice, Kuyucu categorised the photos that music expositors shared on Instagram under 20 bottom boom and 2 main category:

Personal Messages Promotional Messages
Photos with social messages Concert Posters
Photos with religious messages Pictures from the album covers
Photos showing daily activities of the artist Promotional videos of albums and video clips
Landscape photos Pictures showing their position in Top Lists of the Radios and TV Channels
Selfies Photos from the concert performances
Selfies taken with artist friends, fans Album covers and promotional pictures of other artists from the same music production company.
Family photos (with spouse and children) Pictures of the news published in newspapers and magazines about them
Photos of the gifts sent to them
Messages and photos shared for the fan club members
Photos showing the dresses they buy
Artistic-image photos taken at photograph studios
Recommendations on Albums-Books-Places
Sales links of albums on the digital platforms and product pictures in these sales platforms

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