Michael Kuyucu Commemorated Erol Büyükburç on his TV Programme


Erol Büyükburç who has left in 12th of May, 2015 and the greatest star of all times has being remembered on ‘Müzik Kuşu’ programme that Michael Kuyucu prepares and presents on Uçan Kuş TV. Selçuk Ural, Erdener Koyutürk and many expositors got through to the programme that continued for almost one and half hour and was prepared with the artist’s special images and songs.

Master expositor Selçuk Ural who got through to ‘Müzik Kuşu’ programme which Erol Büyükburç’s life was a subject asserted a shock claim to Michael Kuyucu. Selçuk Ural said that Turkish public opinion and media do not protect their artists and they speed up the pathway to death for the artists.