Michael Kuyucu Hosted Betül Demir in his radio show

Releasing her fourth album titled “Esas Duruş” and releasing 5 singles from the same album, Betül Demir was hosted by Michael Kuyucu in his radio show in CRI TÜRK.

Pushing to the top of the music charts with her first single “Karabatak” from the album, told Kuyucu about the songs in the albüm and their stories. Demir told that she is planning to shoot the second video clip for her song titled “Meşgul” and it was the first time she had her own songs in the album.

Going on her eleventh year in the music business, she said, “I’m always trying to keep my job before my private life and I love my job. My biggest dream and target is to give outdoor concerts. I want to have more gigs and become the champion of gigs.”