Michael Kuyucu is at TRT Radio Days Gala

Michael Kuyucu was a guest on a ‘Radio Days’ programme’s gala that is executed by TRT. There were radio programmers who has made radio history in Turkey as guests on a gala of ‘Radio Days’ events which started on 2nd of May, Saturday, before the 6th of May which the 88th years of radio broadcasting celebrated in Turkey.

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In a ceremony which special radio programmers such as Cem Ceminay, Bay J, Muzo, Füsun Alkan were guests besides master names such as Ali Kocatepe, Bülent Özveren, Nejat Çetinok, a special programme was prepared which was about the radio. Michael Kuyucu who was a guest on a programme that was broadcasted also in TRT Music shared his wishes and opinions about the historical importance of radio channel.