Michael Kuyucu is in INTCESS 15

Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu attended to the 2nd International Conference on Education and Social Science which was arranged in Istanbul on the 2nd and 4th of February. Michael Kuyucu who presented a report which was about the yellow press in Turkey, told about the understanding in yellow press which has changed in Turkey, via his SES magazine sample which was published between 1964 and 2014 in his reports ‘The Change in Magazine Press in Turkey: The Problematic of Magazine Publishing in the Example of SES Magazine’.


 Michael Kuyucu emphasised in his report that there are many changes in yellow press field in 50 years in Turkey. Kuyucu summarized these changes under 13 clause:

1. Idea journalism has lost its significance from past to present.
2. Texts has decreased, visuality has increased in content.
3. Magazine has grew quantitatively, its page number, length and letter quality have increased.
4. The number of the contents which are originating from West have decreased, local contents have increased.
5. Using photographs have two times raise.
6. Advertisements in magazine has passed to AB voice group from general target audience.
7. Readers and magazine communication which was made depend on technological developments, has been started to do via e-posta and social media.
8.  Giving presents with coupon has finished.
9.  While there is an inceasing in news number, there is an decreasing in news length.
10. Content of the news were given as brief spot headline, long and detailed news has given place to spot news.
11. Conversation thematic columns has given place to advice thematic columns. There is an increasing in interview pages.
12. The news which show continuity such as article – file have given place to brief news. The writings which transferer to next number have given place to odd numbered writings and news.
13. News such as photo romance, theatre has been out of circulation.