Michael Kuyucu Participated in 2nd International CSMS Conference

Michael Kuyucu participated in 2nd International Communication Science & Media Studies (2nd ICMS) Congress, jointly organized by Kocaeli University and Ayvansaray University. Both chairing a session and making a presentation in the conference held in Istanbul’s Ayvansaray University campus on 1-4 November 2017, gave information on university students’ listening habits in terms of TRT Radios in his research titled “Public Broadcasting and TRT Radio Stations: The Position of TRT Radio Stations Within The Radio Medium From The Perspective of University Students”. Examining in his research what university students are thinking about 16 radio stations of TRT and how they perceive these stations, Kuyucu emphasized in his presentation that TRT radio stations showed some weaknesses in their use of social media and new media in particular.