Michael Kuyucu Participated to INTCESS 16 Conference

Michael Kuyucu participated to the conference  “INTCESS16- 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SCIENCES”  that was organised on the 8th and10th of February  Şubat 2016 in İstanbul.


In his paper titled “A RESEARCH ON THE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS’ LISTENING HABITS OF MUSIC AND TALK PROGRAMS ON THE RADIO” he made a research about the music and talk portion of radios and how the audience is looking to that subject.



In the paper, the shift from talk programs to music programs on the radio is emphasized. In the first part of the study, a literature review on the talk and music programs broadcasted in the Turkish radio broadcasting history, the demand for music programs and what the medium offers for this demand is expressed. In the second part, university students’ outlook on the balance between talk and music programs on the radio is described. In this context, a survey was conducted among 1830 university students who are studying in Istanbul in order to determine if they prefer to listen to talk programs or music programs on radio stations. University students’ preferences of talk and music programs on the radio were analyzed based on their demographics. The research results showed that university students prefer to listen to music-oriented programs and perceive the radio stations as a tool for music delivery. These findings play an important role in the transformation of radio stations to music boxes not only in our day but also in future. In radio broadcasting, music content, especially for young people, plays an important role and radio and music are perceived as a whole.