Michael Kuyucu was a guest on Aykut Işıklar’s Programme

Michael Kuyucu was a guest on Aykut Işıklar’s programme which broadcasted on TRT Music. Michael Kuyucu who was a guest on the part that was prepared for İlhan İrem of the programme which a beloved expositor is a subject in every week, answered Aykut Işıklar’s questions.

aykut ısıklar

Kuyucu who told about his ‘Sürgün Gibi Masallarda’ (In Fairytales Like an Exile) book that he wrote about İlhan İrem in the past, gave informations about İlhan Irem’s music life. Michael Kuyucu who commented about expositor’s ‘Anlasana’, ‘Konuşamıyorum’, ‘Boşver Arkadaş’, ‘İşte Hayat’ songs said these songs should not be perceived only as love songs. Michael Kuyucu who said that especially ‘Konuşamıyorum’ song is a general song, he also added ‘Konuşamıyorum’ song tells about the time that you want to speak but you are not able to speak with someone who you are in touch or your boss, neighbor not only your lover.

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