Michael Kuyucu was a Guest on Uçan Kuş TV

Michael Kuyucu told about his ‘Müzik Dünyasını Anlamak – Müzik Endüstrisinin Sorunları’ (Understanding the Music World – The Problems of the Music Industry) book to ‘Sanat-Kitap’ programme that broadcasted on Uçan Kuş TV. Michael Kuyucu who was a guest on Uçan Kuş TV that is the first and only magazine TV channel of Turkey, answered the programme’s question with reach by phone on 14th of February, 2015.
Kuyucu who told about the problems of the music industry to Uçan Kuş TV announcer, answered the announcer’s “what is the most interesting thing that you have faced during your interviews with master artists?” question as Edip Akbayram’s SSK (Social Insurance Institution). While Michael Kuyucu was writing this book, he said that he was very surprised that Edip Akbayram had paid his own SSK when he had taken the stage. Kuyucu emphasised that almost none of the artitsts do this in Turkey.