Michael Kuyucu’s Article Printed in the Journal of Social Research

The article of Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu which is name is “THE PROBLEMS OF RADIO BROADCASTING AND SOLUTIONS TO THEM IN THE 25TH YEAR OF RADIO PRIVAZITATION IN TURKEY” was printed in the refereed journal. The article is about the problems of national private radio stations faced in the media and radio industry. In the research, Michael had done interviews with 111 radio manger and owners from Turkey. In the result of the research he divided the problems under 8 major headlines:

Economic Problems: 29, 17 %

Problems Related to the Working Conditions of Radio People: % 22, 50

Problems related from the system of Radio industry: 13, 33 %

Problems related from the structure of media and radio industry: 9, 44 %

Technical Problems: 9,44 %

Organizational Problems: 7, 78 %

Problems Related to the Audience: 4, 27 %

Other Problems: 4, 17 %