Michael Kuyucu’s Article Published in Global Media Journal


global media anaMichael Kuyucu’s article titled “Use Of Smart Phone And Problematic Of Smart Phone Addiction In Young People: “Smart Phone (Colic)” University Youth” published in Global Media Journal 7(14) Spring 2017 issue .

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İn his research Michael Kuyucu underlined that the university students and youngs are smart phone colic. The research is about:

This study was conducted to determine the smart phone addiction levels of university students. In the first section of the study, conceptual and statistical information about smart phone use in Turkey was provided and the research studies conducted regarding smart phone addiction in the world and Turkey were discussed. In the study, a survey was implemented to 620 university students living within the borders of İstanbul province. The “smart phone addiction scale” developed by Kwon et al (2013) was used in the prepared survey and the scale was implemented to the university students. According to the findings of the research no significant relationship was observed statistically between gender, age, mobile phone usage characteristics and addiction levels of participants. However, it was observed that the ones in 21-23 age group attributed more positive meaning to mobile phones compared to the ones in 27 and over age group regarding the opinions towards sub dimension of positive expectations under the analysis for lower factor in addiction level. Therefore, it was observed that the university students within the range of 21-23 ages were more addicted to their smart phones compared to the ones within the range of 27 age in terms of positive expectations sub dimension. A similar result was found between positive expectations and the level of income. The ones whose families had income less than 1500 TL, attributed less positive meaning to their mobile phones compared to the ones whose families had income between 1501-2500 TL and 2501-3500 TL. There is an addiction varying depending on the income level and the quality of smart phone owned by the users. The users having middle or lower segment of smart phones are less dependent on these devices since they are unable to use their smart phones with the desired performance and they are unable to enjoy the use of smart phones. The facts that smart phone technology is in a constant development and the price also falls continuously cause the use of smart phones become widespread. This elicits a prediction that the issue of smart phone addiction would influence more on psychological and physical development of society in the future. This situation will cause the concepts such as “technology-colic” and “smart phone-colic” to be involved in the science of health conducting research regarding addiction in addition to the concepts of heavy smoker, alcoholic and to increase disputes of these addictions.