Michael Kuyucu’s Article Published in Sobider Journal

Michael Kuyucu’s article titled as “CHILDREN’S MAGAZINES AND ADVERTISING: AN ANALYSIS FOR THE ADVERTISEMENTS USED IN CHILDREN’S MAGAZINE PUBLISHED IN TURKEY” published in the Journal of Social Sience / Sobider’s September 2016 Issue 8.

In his study, a research was conducted on advertising materials in children’s magazines published in Turkey. In this context, all issues of the magazines named Nat Geo Kids, Atlas Çocuk, Pepee, TRT Çocuk and Bilim Çocuk published in Turkey were examined during the period of February 2015 and 2016 for a year and content analysis was carried out regarding the advertisements published in the magazines. In the study, it was examined what type of advertising strategy was developed by the advertiser in the children’s magazine aiming at children directly. The results showed that TRT Çocuk and Bilim Çocuk which were published by public broadcaster TRT and TÜBĠTAK did not involve any commercial advertisements and the other three magazines involved an intense advertising content. Most of the posted advertisements consisted of products and services directly used by children on the other hand it was also seen that products and services used by the children’s families placed advertisement in the magazines. The magazine involving an intense advertising content is an issue that should be considered for families who want to protect their children from the advertising messages. In this regard, it is seen that the families who want to keep their children out of advertising messages could reach this goal by the magazines of TRT Çocuk and Bilim ve Çocuk.

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