Michael Kuyucu’s Article Published in The Journal of International Social Research

Michael Kuyucu’s article titled “THE PREFERENCE OF RADIO FORMATS IN Y GENERATION UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ” published in  The Journal of International Social Research 2016-October Issue 46. In his article Michael Kuyucu, made a research about the radio format preference of Y Generation and how they consume the radio.

In the study is to make a descriptive analysis about the use of radio and radio formats in university students of Y Generation. İn the first part of study which consist of a questioner about the habits and interest about radio and radio formats of Y generation who is one of the most important representatives of new generation there is a conceptual research about Y generation and there has been an evaluation about the previous studies done about this generation. In the second part of the study there is a questionnaire that was applied to 232 Y generation university students. In the questionnaire it was asked the radio listening habits and which radio format is listened the most and why, to the generation members. In the final of the research there is a determination that Y generation listen to radio more for music and they prefer to listen the CHR Radio format. While the generation who was born between 1980-1989 prefer to listen more talk radio, the generation members who was born between 1990-1999 prefer to listen more the CHR (top40) radio format. The research showed that as the age decreases the generation members regard radio more a music box and CHR Radio format which consist of music element is increasing on demand. Radio is coming in front of interest more with its music function than its information and education function in Y generation.

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