Michael Kuyucu’s Article Published in Tojdac Journal

Michael Kuyucu’s article titled “ONLINE MAGAZINE JOURNALISM: A RESEARCH ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF ON LINE MAGAZINE PORTALS IN TURKEY” published in The Online Journal of Communication and Media – October 2016 Volume:2 Issue:4 .

Michael in this research made an analyze of on line magazine sites of Turkey.

Internet journalism that emerged with the spreading of the internet technologies to every sphere in life. Internet journalism reached to serious access levels in a short time. Internet journalism that become prominent in Turkey as a result of carrying printed newspapers to the internet environment like it was done in the rest of the world, is now a special type of journalism. Magazine journalism also found place on the internet as a result of increasing popularity of magazine news in printed press and visual media. In 2000s, internet sites that mostly give place to magazine in their contents emerged in Turkey. In the present study, the status of magazine sites in Turkey have been evaluated based on the example of the internet journalism. The study consists of three parts. A conceptual review has been made about magazine press and magazine journalism in the first part. In the second part, information has been provided on the magazine sites in Turkey and their characteristics in the light of various studies. In the implementation part of the study, a content analysis has been performed in connection with the most popular five internet sites in Turkey. In the study, it has been emphasized that magazine journalism offered via printed media and television in the conventional media turned into a unique platform with both audio and video characteristics with the emergence of unique internet sites in the new media. Magazine sites are active not only on the internet but also in the social media and the conventional media- new media and social media came together and created a new magazine journalism. This magazine journalism that emerged in the new media era lead to the generation of rich news content enhanced with both audio and video elements. Internet magazine sites that emerged in the new media era started to offer magazine content generated by televisions, radios, newspapers and magazines extensively and from a single source.

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