Michael Kuyucu’s Quest: Ümit Sayın

Ümit Sayın who is one of the best composer and music performer of Turkey from 90s till today was on the music Show of Michael Kuyucu. Ümit Sayın expressed his music carrier in the program called as “Michael Kuyucu ile Müziğin K.M. Taşları” (The milestones of music with Michael Kuyucu). He expressed that was preferred to write poems and stories in his childhood period more than music.

Ümit Sayın expressed to Michael all his music background and how he succedded in music after coming to İstanbul. He told that he was the back vocal of many popular singers and he introduced composer Ozan Çolakoğlu in the studio called as FT. He said that his first popular hit song (Nerde) was sang by Deniz Arcak and this was the turning point of his carrier


umit sayin ara foto

Ümit Sayın gave details about his last album (Kendiliğinden) and how he composed the songs of this albüm. He told to Michael Kuyucu that these songs were sequenced in the album in the order of their composing time. Ümit Sayın told that he now has his own music label “ümitS” and that he will produce is albums with this label. He also told that he will continue to his production single by single and he won’t produce a full album for a while.