Michael Participated to Turkey and Turkish Studies Conference

Michael Kuyucu, participated to “2nd International Conference on Turkey and Turkish Studies”. In the conference which was held by ATINER (Athens Institute for Education and Research) in Athens during 29 and 30th of June 2015, Michael Kuyucu presented his research that he had done on social media.

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Michael, in his paper called ““Social Media Generation. The Differences of Social Media Use of X and Y Generation in the Sample of Turkey” explained the X and Y generation’s social media usage in Turkey. He expressed how X and Y generation use the most popular social media networks Facebook – Twitter – Instagram and Youtube and expressed his findings that he had conducted on his research.  In his research Michael in his research asked a critical question of “For which social media platform use would you pay Money if its asked to you?”. He gave details of X and Y generation for that question and said that X generation would select to pay for Facebook but Y Generation for YouTube if its paid service.