Michael Presentation of Turkish & Chinese Media Projects

Michael Kuyucu, who is the general manager of GBTIMES Turkey, presented the media projects of Chinese in the conference done in İstanbul.In the ceremony that was done by Gbtimes Turkey and Media Times Michael Kuyucu expressed the media projects of Chinese. The new TV channel called as “CTV” , The language learning platform, the new silk road web site, the digital television receiver Digi China , the Chinese Browser “Chine Browser” and the Mobil Chinese language application



The ceremony was made in İstanbul in Hilton Hotel in 23th of October 2014. Michael Kuyucu gave details about the information and hosted the ceremony. In the ceremony Shanai University students gave a mini concert. Mr. Yu Hongyang and Mr. Gu Jingqi from China consulate and embassy and Mr İsmail Gültekin who is the second governor of İstanbul participated to the ceremony.