Michael Show TRT Fm&Radyo Klas were on the Air

Michael Show called on Turkey within the scope of ‘Radio Days’ which TRT Ankara Radio carried out on the common frequency broadcasting Radyo Klas&TRT Fm.

By reason of the birthday of radio channels and the celebration of the first radio broadcasting which made on the 6th of May, 1927 in Turkey, the private broadcasting which TRT carried on started at 7am and continued to midnight 1am.

Yaşayan Şarkılar Ekibi

The Team of ‘Living Songs’
In this private mixed broadcasting which the best radios and the most famed radio programmers of Turkey took place, loved faces of the Alem Fm, Best Fm, Süper Fm, Radyo D, Radyo Tatlıses, Radyo Klas, Açık Radyo and Radyo ODTÜ presented their broadcast on TRT Fm.

T.R.T. Fm’s Studios

In this activity, Michael Kuyucu said “Hello” to Turkey in a programme that broadcasted common in both Michael Show TRT Fm and Radyo Klas. Michael show made a common broadcast with the programme of ‘Living Songs’ which is the production of Ankara Radio on the 6th of May, 2009.

In the programme which broadcasted commonly in TRT Fm and Radyo Klas and carried out with Ebru Dikiciler from TRT Radio, Michael Kuyucu met with the music lovers during 2 hours. In the programme, Michael Kuyucu presented his book to five listeners.

A Private Celebration which was Full of Artists
Murat Boz, Ziynet Sali, Ege, Berksan and Kutlu Özmakinacı from Yüksek Sadakat relieved the programme with live telephone connection which was full of music in the common broadcasting of TRT Fm&Radyo Klas in the radio feast of Turkey.
While Murat Boz was saying good luck to Michael Kuyucu in his Radio Klas broadcast, Ziynet Sali explained that she will shoot a video for her third song ‘Hava Hoş’(The Weather is Nice).
While Kutlu from Yüksek Sadakat was saying the group started to work for the new album, Berksan told about the days that he spent in TRT Sanat Müziği Korosu (The Choir of Turkish Classical Music) and he emphasised how much TRT important for him.


This historical date which happened in TRT Fm, also attract the media’s attention. Sina Koloğlu who is the writer of Milliyet Newspaper was one of the writers who carried the subject to his ‘Reyting Canavarı’ (Monster of Rating) column.