Michel Kuyucu Edited the Book: The Media Industry

Michael Kuyucu’s English collection which is named as ‘The Media Industry’ and he takes place for different countries academicians’ researchs was published in Turkey. Besides Kuyucu’s three notices, the book which contains 12 foreign academicians’ researchs was prepared for both university students and academicians who have immersion in Turkey.

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The articles which Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu collected in a book which published by Zinde Publishing are like that:

Introduction: Media and Life Looking to Local Touch with Global View Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu.

Section 1: Radio Studies

Community Radio Broadcasting: Use of Community Radio for Turkish and Greek in Turkey – Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu (Turkey)

Content and Style Changes in BBC Radio News Bulletins and the Radio Newsroom – Anya Luscombe (The Netherlands)

Marketing of Radio Stations: A Research about how Radio Stations Market Themselves in Turkey- Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu

Section 2: Television Studies

Evolution of the TV News in France – Alain Lamboux-Durand (France)

Analysis of Qatari Women Opinion and Attitudes towards Women’s Satellite Programs- Saadia Izzeldin Malik (State of Qatar)

Journalism and New Media

Narrative Journalism in America and Russia – Svetlana Bozrikova (Russia)

Reading Practices of Online Newspapers in Poland – Anna Tereszkiewicz (Poland)

College Students’ Use of Social Media: Site Preferences, Uses and Gratifications Theory Revisited – Bellarmine Ezumah (USA)

The Transformation of Traditional Newspaper to New Global Media with the QR Code – Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu (Turkey)

Entertainmant – Sport – Politics and Media

Outsourcing and Vertical Integration: FIFA’s Strategy of Promoting the World Cup Broadcasting Rights – Jan Pieper & Erwin Verbeek (Switzerland)

Supply Chain Music Industry and Changing Business Models in Italy – Antonella Ardizzone (Italy)

The Governance of the Football Sector in Italy. A Conceptual Framework for Overcoming Some Pathologies – Salvatore Cincimino & Salvatore Tomaselli   (Italy)

Film Censorship during the Portuguese Dictatorship (1926-1974) – Leonor Areal (Portugal)

Men and Media: Friends or Enemy of Women Parliamentarians? Under-Representation of Women in Politics – Dorota Urszula Opyd (Great Britain)