Nihan Gave a Mini Concert on Michael Kuyucu’s TRT FM Show

NİHAN who is one of the most talented woman vocals of the music world was a guest on Michael Kuyucu’s programme that is broadcasted in TRT FM. On one hand Nihan was answering the Michael Kuyucu’s questions, on the other hand she made a perfect music concert with her orchestra.


Nihan said to Michael Kuyucu that she wanted to be an expositor from her childhood. Nihan presented live performans her songs such as ‘Üzgünüm’ (I am Sorry), ‘Terk-i Diyar’ (Leave for Good) also ‘Esmer Günler’ (Brunette Days) from Kayahan, ‘Ayrılmam’ (I Do Not Leave) from Aşkın Nur Yengi, ‘Hadi Bakalım’ (Have a Look) from Sezen Aksu and ‘Haykıracak Nefesim Kalmasa Bile’ (Even I Do Not Have a Breathe for Screaming) from Ajda Pekkan on TRT FM in Michael Kuyucu’s programme on the margin of ‘Acoustic Chats’.


Please click for listening to ‘Ayrılmam’ (I Do Not Leave) song that Nihan vocalised in Michael Kuyucu’s programme on TRT FM:

(Song PLAYER Link)