Ömür Göksel was a guest on Michael Kuyucu

ÖMÜR GÖKSEL who is a doyen expositor of the music world told about his new album ‘A Touch of Class’ and his music career in the programme that ‘Müziğin Kilometre Taşları with Michael Kuyucu’ (The Milestones of the Music with Michael Kuyucu) which is broadcasted in RS Fm (Voice of Russia). Göksel made an interesting foresight about Beatles in the programme.
If Beatles Released an Album in Turkey, They would not be Famous
Ömür Göksel said that if Beatles released an album in Turkey, they would not be famous as saying that Turkey is not open to new ideas. Göksel expressed that when my generation tried to do new things in music, they were always meet with an obstacle. Göksel said that there were reasons to do ‘Bu dağları delmeli, kum edip elemeli’ songs but we see that there are somebody who could not be able to drill those mountains.
Göksel indicated that especially TRT prevented us at first but when the pop music approved TRT started to broadcasting us. There is a word in Turkish, “Do not do innovation”. This is so wrong, is not it?
Ömür Göksel added that Beatles made an innovation and the world approved them. But if they were in Turkey, they were not be successful, because they would see the supervision of TRT.