Orhan Ölmez was the guest of Michael Kuyucu

Orhan Ölmez who is a polite musician of music world told about his new album ‘Türkü’ and his music life to Michael Kuyucu. Orhan Ölmez was a guest on ‘Müziğin K.M. Taşları’ (The Milestones of the Music) programme, said that he had great difficulty espeacially in his first album, also he added that there was an offer to sing Cengiz Kurtoğlu’s popular songs but he refused it. Orhan Ölmez said that he made a great effort to create his own style, he claimed that there is a wish to do post-modern beat in music world. He said that his main aim is to get together the folk songs and Western music. Therefore, Orhan Ölmez took a photo for his album cover with guitar and a stringed instrument.


There is a Post- Modern Beat in Music World Today

Orhan Ölmez who prepared a folk song album said that there is not any investment for folk songs at the present time, and people do not appreciate who make folk song.

Orhan Ölmez claimed to Michael Kuyucu that the traditional music assimilated in Turkey: “There is a strange period in Turkey right now. We do post-modern beat to our music. We live in a process that the musicians become the same. The only responsible of this not only media but also advertiser. There is a system and we are one of the cog og those wheels. Over the past decade, this system goes on to assimilate the traditional music. Everybody tries to enter the world music, but there are many musicians in the world who do this very well. Whereas, we should give importance to traditional music. This assimilation policy is so serious. When you use ‘clarion’ they say “this is not nice”, thus, the musician has to grow away from the traditional music. I wish that we could be able to market our traditional music to the world. For example: The Spanish did this. They commercialised Flamenko style, and we love this. But when we do Turkish style music, the popular music community says “do not do this style”