Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin comment on EU to Michael Kuyucu

Vice Rector of Altınbaş University and Dean of Fine Arts Faculty Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin was the guest of Academic View (Akademik Bakış) program prepared and presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michael Kuyucu on CRI TÜRK. Alkin who explained renaming story of Kemerburgaz University to Altınbaş University, also told that the family taking care of foundation has been investing in education and sports and brought up Goztepe SK from Amateur League to 2. League in the recent past. Alkin informed Michael Kuyucu about education and scholarships of Altınbas University.

Turkey’s EU Adventure is a Prolonged Engagement

Prof. Dr. Emre Alkin said those words about Turkey’s EU adventure to Michael Kuyucu: He emphasize the importance of European Union by saying “When we consider European Union adventure from the point of Turkey, it is in fact a prolonged engagement. It has been continuing since Tanzimat Reform Era. Somehow, we couldn’t marry. This time, England wants to exit. British made a mistake and took their anger out on Theresa May. She is not in power right now, she should go to the polls. She cannot form a government, it’s a minority government for now. They ask “Do we need European Union?”. Yes, they do. First and Second World Wars were experienced because of those Europeans. If there will be a Third World War, again, they will be the reason. That’s why, it’s very important for me to keep them together. Therefore, I believe in EU more than European does. If EU starts to fall apart, it would be so terrible”.

European Elites are in Panic

As answer for “Why Turkey couldn’t enter in EU?” question of Michael Kuyucu, he said as follows: When someone asks me “Are you European?” I say “Yes, I am European”. It’s obvious, but not in Scandinavian style. I say that in parking on sidewalk style, jumping the queue style, smoking in indoor areas style. Why am I saying those? ; Because same of those are also present in Italy, Albania and Greece. People wants us to include in Scandinavian style Europe. Europe is not a club. Europe does not expand if it cannot harmonize with another organism when coming side by side organically. If Republic of Turkey and other candidate countries are organisms answering that organism of EU in same way, answer of this question is “yes, they will enter in EU”. If not, they won’t. As far as I am concerned, that expansion has stopped at one point. Reason of that is nature of that expanding organism is spoiled. That spoiled nature hits the candidate countries like us but could not penetrate. EU and Euro is an expansion project and formed to create longest period without great wars. Therefore, right now, European Elites are in panic, Brexit was not good. I hope they will return. We don’t enter into EU after all, we will see that we are in it suddenly; like starting of negotiations. This is how it works. Our organism should be a little bit harmonious with their organism.”