Prof.Dr.Nevzat Tarhan was Guest with Michael Kuyucu to the Academic View Program

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan, the Rector of Üsküdar University, explained the difference of Üsküdar University from other universities at the Academic View program prepared by Prof.Dr.Michael Kuyucu at CRI TÜRK.

Prof.Dr. Nevzat Tarhan stated that the Üsküdar University, which was founded in 2011 and took the name of Üsküdar district, which is a reference to this historical region and that two-thirds of the students studying at universities received scholarship education.

Universities in America Are Successful Because They Are Autonomous

Professor Dr. Nevzat Tarhan answered the question of Michael Kuyucu “Why are the universities in the USA so popular? What is the difference? “The answer was: autonomy and freedom. Tarhan said that the universities in the United States were free and they did science as they wish with autonomous structures. Nevzat Tarhan added: “I travelled to the USA many times, I saw in a college in Los Angeles,” Come Again Whoever You Are “written on a poster of an African girl, wearing a headscarf. At that time, while Trump the President of the United States was supporting islamophobia, a state university said ‘you can come to us’. There is an autonomy in the universities. This free environment attracts people. New opinions come about where the confidence is and information emerges. If American universities do not lose this feature, they will continue to attract all qualified people around the world. There is a brain migration. There, students receive stimulant medicines to do their homework in time, which is a serious load. There is a questioning environment. For example, it is not “Why do you come here with this outfit?” Creating new ideas is closely related to freedom. If you can protect it, you can win the future. If we want to win the future, we must create environments where free thinking, free debate, compromises and participation are involved. America uses 25 percent of its resources. You are angry, but you have respect for their quality work”.

Two Preferences in Human Life are Very Important: Preferences of Occupation and Spouse

Rector Tarhan said that Üsküdar University was one of the most technologically investing universities. He said that during the preference period, students were helped through the call center and the experts who are on line consulting from the web site. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan stated “Before you choose a university, you should definitely go to that university”, “A person makes two important choices in his fate. One is the occupation and the other is the spouse”, emphasizing the importance of the university education in job selection.

We educate the Nobel nominees of the future

Nevzat Tarhan, who said that Üsküdar University supported with the project named Brain Park, the entrepreneurial students who are studying at universities, stated that they had moral and material support in their interventional projects by treating them as a solution partner. He said “Brain Park is like a techno park “Üsküdar University aims to educate Nobel Prize candidates of the future”.