Professor Dr. Peyami Çelikcan was Guest in the Academic View Program with Michael Kuyucu

Prof.Dr. Peyami Çelikcan, Deputy Rector of Istanbul City University was guest in the “Academic View” program prepared and presented by Assoc. Prof. Michael Kuyucu.

Prof. Çelikcan, who gives special information to the candidate students during the university preference period, said that hundred percent of the students studying at Istanbul City University benefited from scholarship opportunities at certain rates. Peyami Celikcan said that Istanbul City University was investing in the professions of the future as one of the universities of Turkey attaching importance to scholarships. Deputy Rector Çelikcan referring to the importance of English, underlined the need for English, especially for those students who are studying in the field of media. He stated that Istanbul City University, was trying to fill this gap with English-educated programs, which is one of the most important issues of Turkey.

Library is very important for a university

Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan, the Rector of Istanbul City University, said that they attached great importance to the library as a university. Çelikcan stating that a university should invest the most in the library, said that Istanbul City University had two large libraries and more than 150 thousand books.

We Discussed July 15 Coup Attempt in Academic Meaning

Istanbul City University Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan said that they gave a great importance to the activities as university and he said that they made an academic debate on the coup attempt in the first anniversary of the July 15th Movement. Çelikcan stated to Michael Kuyucu: “Instead of flashy activities, we are trying to do activities where the students can develop themselves, develop their level of knowledge, and find answers to key questions.

He said “due to the last tragedy we suffered last year, the July 15 coup attempt, we wanted to discuss this issue in a serious academic environment. We believe that such events should not be repeated. It is a debt for us for those who lost their lives, who were injured to prevent to reach the goal of 15 July coup. We are obliged to ensure that no such events arise. For that reason, we need to analyze what is happening discreetly, discuss with an academic point of view and produce solutions, therefore, we hosted our five writers who signed very important books with the July 15 panel. We brought together authors of books that examine FETO in terms of sociological, economic, and psychological dimensions and suggest solutions. We have created a discussion platform of about three hours”.

Professor Dr. Peyami Çelikcan expressed his views on the coup attempt of July 15th; “Apart from this, we also opened a photo exhibition at the university, which is composed of photographs which I had taken last year as an integral part of this. These photographs are the reflection of the Turkish nation against the coup, the excitement that created it, the reflection of the challenge psychology that it created. At some unexpected time, no one was expecting a coup  in 2016, so it created a huge shock. Getting rid of this trauma is not easy, it will take several years. People have the need to show that they are strong, they are faithful, they challenge and  to say I am here. That was what pushed people out that night. ”

Digitalization his Directed Music to Individual Consume

When Michael Kuyucu asked Peyami Çelikcan what he thought about the economic problems that today’s music industry is experiencing, Çelikcan said that the music industry is experiencing a serious transformation with the development of the digital industry. Professor Dr. Peyami Çelikcan, “Musicians are discussing today’s music a lot, but; each period, of course, has certain effects on popular music. Of course, this digitalization has also affected the popular music phenomenon. The explosion of the popular music genres of the 90’s were a period when album sales were peaking, and private radio and television channels triggered it. Now  we have entered into such a turn, that instead of stars known from each of us, having a fan base,  a limited world of smaller groups, distinctive music, albums and stars are coming into being. He said”Because digitalization has begun to make the music a subject of individual consumption. However, in the period when music was spreading via radio and TV, music had more mass-consumed feature and appealing to common favorites. With digitalization, special likes are becoming a very important determinant; because the digital environment allows for this. For one thing, you are listening it on your own in a real sense, you do not consume in groups. In so doing, everybody connects with the musicians with their own preferences. Who are the most important stars today; we all can count different names, but not a decade ago. There was also a period of global stars, Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc. Today, we do not have such stars that form fan bases, affect masses neither at the global nor the national level. Everyone has their own star. ”