Radio Failed in Mobile


Assistant professor doctor Michael Kuyucu who makes researchs which shape sector’s future besides his radio & TV programmer identity in media world discussed in detail the existence in mobile media of the radios in Turkey in a conference which is named as ‘International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design’ and arranged in Istanbul. Kuyucu’s research which is the first in Turkey and about the existence in mobile media of the radio channel comprises an interesting findings about the future of the radio.
Teaching assistant in Istanbul Aydın University, Assistant professor doctor Michael Kuyucu who published a notice which was about the existence in mobile media of national radio channels which broadcast in Turkey, he also said that radios can not communicate exactly with their listeners in mobile channels and they can not do electronic commerce. GBTimes media general manager Michael Kuyucu emphasised on his notice which was about ‘MOBILE MEDIA AND RADIO INDUSTRY:A RESEARCH ABOUT THE USE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY FOR RADIO COMPANIES IN TURKEY’ that radio channels in Turkey have decrease in deal which they take from the advertisement spending, and radio listeners are getting involve in internet day by day. Kuyucu got an interesting findings in his research which was about the existence in mobile media of 38 radio channels which broadcasting with national license formally according to RTUK records in Turkey.
Those Findings:
8 of the 38 national radios which broadcasting in Turkey are not in mobile media.
A part of the national radio channels which broadcasting in Turkey take place in a common mobile application, because these are the radio channels which belong to the same investor.

According to this, 13 of the 30 radio channels which have IOS application take place in the common applications that are different from eachothers.

  • It was seen in the analysis that 30 radio channels which have IOS application mostly use their applications to transfer their broadcasts. All of the radio channels transfer their broadcasts to their listeners via mobile players.
  • Radio channels give place to their broadcast stream mostly 78 % on their mobile platforms. The frequency informations of the province that they broadcast is on the second rank with 33,3 %.
  • It was seen that the radio channels give a little place to their enterprise information via their applications and they do not introduce themselves as necessary in corporate meaning. Enterprise informations of the radios are given only 19,2 % of radios.
  • It was also seen that the radio channels are weak about connecting with their listeners. It was identified that their communication ways via e-mail, chat and social media which need to take place in mobile applications are in small quantities. While the 23,1 % of radios which have applications are giving their telephone informations, 33,3 % of radios have an option for sending e-mail, 29,7 % of radios direct their listeners to their facebook accounts and the 36,3 % of radios direct their listeners to radios’ twitter accounts.
  • Another salient finding is none of the radio channels’ applications have online chat property. Being low of the communication possibility in the radio channels’ applications makes difficult to direct communicate with listeners and radio channels via smartphones and tablets which is a mobile platform. This deficiency causes to lose the use of feedback and direct communication which are the most important features of mobile media.
  • Advertisement banners take place in mobile applications of radio channels at the rate of 33,3 %. While one out of every three radios which have mobile application is getting advertisement and banner for its application, only three (9,9 %) radio channels make sell and electronic commerce via application. These radios are SuperFM, Metro FM, JoyTurk which take place in ‘Karnaval’ mobile platform. A link which provide to buy the song which broadcast on these radio channels’ mobile applications from ITunes is offered. Thanks to this link, a radio listener who listen the radio from mobile application at that point finds opportunity to buy which song s/he listens from ITunes. Being do not have this property of other radio channels stonewalls to making electronic commerce and integration of radio channels and mobile media.
  • Another important subject in the analysis is the multimedia features of applications. While the 16,5 % of radio channels giving place to web radios which out of their broadcasts, 13,2 % of radio channels giving place to record feature. Apart from these features 13,2 % of radios give location information to their listeners while they are listening to radio, 9,9 % of radios present an alarm service which works with radio channels’ broadcast. They used podcast in applications at the rate of 23,1 %.
    Assistant professor doctor Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu expressed in a conference that they have to continue their existence in triple communication on behalf of introduce their content, make contact with social media and make electronic commerce via mobile media of radio channels.