Radio Listening Habits of Y Generation

Michael Kuyucu, participated to the “International Conference on Advances in Education and Social Sciences” on the 12-15 th of October 2015. In the conference presented a paper called as “Radio and Y Generation Y:  Factors Effecting Radio Listening Habits of Generation Y in Turkey” . He expressed how the Generation Y regards radio as a medium and why this generation members listen to the radio and the factors that make them listen to the radio.

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He made a survey to 1010 Generation Y members and after the factor analysis he found out that this generation members prefer to listen the radio mor efor “entertainment” . Michael expressed in his research the the second factor of generation Y’s listening to the radio is using radio as “musical information source” and the highest third factor is using radio for “getting information”.

In the corelation analysis that he made , in general, the correlation between the opinions on the radio and the sub-dimensions thereof revealed a positive relationship between all sub-dimensions. Correlation between the friendship and getting information

and the correlation between the musical information source and getting information are positive but they may be considered weak. Correlations between the other dimensions are positive and strong.