Rector of Ayvansaray University was the guest of Michael Kuyucu

Rector of Ayvansaray University Prof. Dr. Sermin Örnektekin was the guest of Academic View (Akademik Bakış) program prepared and presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michael Kuyucu on CRI TÜRK

In interview made with Michael Kuyucu, Prof. Dr. Sermin Örnektekin said that school founded as Plato Vocational High School in 2009 was transformed into an university in 2016. Örnektekin mentioning location of Ayvansaray University is in the center of Istanbul, also said that location of university is easily accessible and in a place embracing the history.

Prof. Dr. Sermin Örnektekin said that Ayvansaray University which was transformed into an university from Vocational High School will accept its first students this year. Örnektekin mentioning different programs of University as Culinary, Fashion Design also said that university has a distance education option.

As an answer of “What do you suggest to students in preference period?” question of Michael Kuyucu, she said, “Prospective students should ask themselves what they want to be in future. They should analyze the occupations, talk to their parents but follow their own desires”. In addition to that, Prof. Dr. Sermin suggests students to do a double major.