Selçuk Alagöz On Michael Kuyucu’s Show

Selçuk Alagöz who celebrates his 50th year of his music carrier in 2014 was the quest of Michael Kuyucu in his oldies radio Show.

Alagöz said to Michael Kuyucu, that he start preparing touristic music Show from 1979 and sings more than 40 languages songs from English to German, and from Chinese to Russian language. Alagöz told Michael, that today the popular music has lost its value and the reason of this is the lack of control. He said that in 70s when the monoply of TRT (Turkish Radio Television Broadcast Institution) was controlling music, the popular music was more quality oriented. He said to Michael Kuyucu that today the musicians prepare music like robots and that cause music to be copied from each other. Selçuk Alagöz said “ The music lost its quality because its unrestraint”

Selçuk Alagö celebrated with a private concert his 50th year in his music carrier and prepared a music album. Selçuk Alagöz gave a photo to Michael with his book that was published in 2010 expressing his music and life experiences.