Seyyal Taner told about NACIYE to Michael Kuyucu

seyyal taner1Seyyal Taner who is a crazy legendary vocal of the music world attended to ‘Müziğin Kilometre Taşları’ (Milestones of the Music) Programme which broadcasts in RS FM (Voice of Russia-Rusya’nın Sesi) and is prepared by Michael Kuyucu. Seyyal Tener made a dramatic explanations to Michael Kuyucu about both Eurovision Song contest and talent shows which are still populer today.

Criticism for Talent Contest on Televisions
Seyyal Taner said her ‘Naciye’ song which took off in 80’s was written for reaction to talent contests which are still a social lesion. Seyyal Taner also said that “‘Naciye’ was written for ‘Asiye Nasıl Kurtuldu?’ (How Asiye Survived?) work. That song touched in an area which we should have touched. There are still many talent shows such as ‘Yetenek Sizsiniz (You are the Talent), En İyi Ses Yarışması (The Best Voice Contest), Artist Yarışması (The Artist Contest)’ which have an actions for being famous. Up to today, our youth who are in Anatolia came for this silly programmes by interrupting their education. We wanted to tell about this to those people with this song: ‘We said that it is not so easy! It needs to be educated at first’. The core of Naciye is this. This message has reached wherever it needs to go.”
Seyyal Taner commented about Naciye “It is the only song that has not got an album and become famous. I sang it in TRT and it became famous by itself.”