Shock Expressions from Niran Ünsal to Michael Kuyucu

Niran Ünsal who has become the protest commentator of the music world and has started a war against popular culture with her expressions in the recent days was a guest on Michael Kuyucu’s ‘Müziğin K.M. Taşları (Milestones of the Music)’ Programme which he prepared and presented on RS FM (Voice of Russia-Rusya’nın Sesi).

Niran Ünsal said she is the fourth generation musician in her family. Niran Ünsal told about the story of her family with Atatürk for the first time to Michael Kuyucu. Niran Ünsal also said to Michael Kuyucu that she is trying to pass a law for protect the national sense and criticised the popular culture.

Which Newspaper Owner Did Ataturk Give Niran Unsal’s Grandmother As An Adopted Child?

Niran Ünsal expressed to Michael Kuyucu that her grandmother was given for adoption to one of the Milliyet Newspaper’s founder by Atatürk. Niran Ünsal said to Michael Kuyucu: “My grandmother immigrated to İstanbul from Elazığ. Atatürk gave my grandmother to one of the Milliyet Newspaper’s founder as an adopted child. My grandmother studied in Notre Dame De Sion. One day, a girl who was the headliner became ill, then they gave this role to my grandmother. Fatma Tekçiçek, my grandmother became the most popular girl at school with her role. Therefore, some of the girl in the school added some bird droppings in my grandmother’s meal and my grandmother lost her vocal cord, she had to leave from the school.”

Atatürk Gave Niran Ünsal’s Grandfather a Surname

Niran Ünsal said that her grandfather got his surname from Atatürk. Niran Ünsal told that story to Michael Kuyucu like that: “My grandfather was one of the person who played saz for Atatürk in Dolmabahçe. When surname law introduced to the public, my grandfather Hasan Kemani took his surname from Atatürk. When my grandfather’s turn to come, Mustafa Kemal said to my grandfather ”you play violin very well, your surname must be Kemani”. And my grandfather got his surname.”