Shock Expressions To Michael Kuyucu From Kıraç

Kıraç who presented his ‘Çık Hayatımdan’ (Get out of my Life) album to music markets a while ago was a guest on ‘Michael Kuyucu ile Müziği Kilometre Taşları’ (The Milestones of the Music with Michael Kuyucu) programme which is broadcasted in RS Fm (Voice of Russia).

Milliyet News / 13.04.2014

ok News – 13.04.2014

 Television is a harmful thing
Kıraç indicated that he does not watch a television because it is a harmful thing, he also standed out that television should be a culture device normally. He emphasised that the television world establish in ratings and numbers and this is the same all around the world. He said “there was a government assertiveness in the past, now there is a private sector assertiveness, it bothers me, therefore i just watch football matches”.